Sprinkler Lube

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Interactive Sprinkler Lube Price and Cost Comparison

The initial price of Sprinkler Lube 1200 far outweighs the cost savings of preventing downtime and gearbox failures. Downtime and loss of crop yield, parts and repair, labor and time, all add up very quickly. Listen to growers explain the price of Sprinkler Lube 1200 and the resulting cost savings over seasons of growing. Also, see the cost savings add up in your own personalized situation by using our interactive cost comparison form. You will see for yourself that the price of Sprinkler Lube 1200 will end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Two of the root causes of gearbox problems are contamination and lack of lubrication. When you use Sprinkler Lube® 1200, these problems are greatly reduced. Formulated specifically for center pivot gearboxes, this thixotropic lubricant is ranked between a 00 and 000 grade of thickness. Sprinkler Lube® 1200 has the innovative ability to thin down with movement, but thickens back to its original state two to 48 hours after work ceases.

Don't confuse Sprinkler Lube® 1200 with lubricants that are in fact too thick. Sprinkler Lube® 1200 is just the right balance; thick enough to coat the bearings and provide protection from dirt and water contamination while being thin enough to act as a superior lubricant. These two benefits extremely increase the lifespan of your gearbox.

At Solutions Inc., we feel that you deserve the best possible lubricant in your irrigation systems. Sprinkler Lube® 1200 prevents contamination, corrosion, and wear better than any other gearbox lubricant on the market.