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Today, and into the future, refiners are being asked to make diesel that will produce less emissions and lower greenhouse gasses. Because of these changes to diesel fuel, now more than ever, consumers are in need of a system, which will give them the performance they require for the results they need.

Description and Benefits:

Solutions, Inc.’s LCA-2000 is designed for use with all diesel fuels and will increase the efficiency of the fuel when used as directed. LCA-2000 is a complete fuel conditioner and will provide better fuel efficiency and clean injectors. It will provide additional lubricity to injectors and power zone region, supplemental dispersancy of engine oil and protect the entire fuel system from corrosion. The water separation qualities of LCA-2000 inhibit bacteria growth while the anti-oxidation properties promote storage stability. Diesel fuel treated with LCA-2000 will generate optimum fuel efficiency, maximum power, minimize emissions, reduce smoke, and maximize operational dependability while extending service life.


LCA-2000 is formulated for use with all diesel fuels at a 1:2000 ratio

LCA-2000 Diesel
1 quart 500 gallons
1 gallon 2,000 gallons
2.5 gallon 5,000 gallons