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Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner

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Description and Benefits:

Solutions, Inc.’s Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner is a fuel conditioner, which extends the engine life and mileage of your vehicle by neutralizing the harmful acids that are released during the combustion process. When heated these acids form carbon that coats valves, pistons, rings, and injectors. This carbon causes incomplete combustion. Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner is not corrosive or harsh and will not harm your fuel system or engine. MPFC burns completely ashless and leaves no residue. It also lubricates upper cylinders, rings, and valves thereby reducing friction.

Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner:

  • Retards Formation of Gum, Varnish, and Carbon
  • Disperses Condensation Moisture
  • Neutralizes Harmful Engine Acids
  • Provides More Engine Power
  • Provides More Engine Performance
  • Prevents "Dieseling"
  • Obtains Cleaner - More Complete Combustion
  • Cleans Injectors and Carburetors

  • Application:

    Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner is applied to gasoline at the rate of 1 oz. per gallon, or 1 gallon to 125 gallons, up to 1 gallon to 200 gallons depending on quality of fuel.

    Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner is applied in diesel 1 oz. per gallon or 1 gallon to 125 gallons, up to 1 gallon to 200 gallons depending on teh quality of the fuel used.

    Applications Continued:

    Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner is added to burner fuels (kerosene or heating fuel) at the rate of 1 gallon to 200 gallons.

    In natural gas, you will need a dripper or injection system. We recommend you consult your local representative for rates and how to set up the system.