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NG 1000

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Description and Benefits

Solutions, Inc.'s fuel conditioner, NG 1000, is designed specifically for natural gas engines. The deposits that are formed during the combustion process in a natural gas engine, such as carbons, gums, and varnishes, are unique to natural gas engines and require a special formulation to be controlled. In some instances, the natural gas that is being used has not had all the impurities removed, which also causes deposits. Most of these deposits that are formed are corrosive or increase wear on valves, regulators, or engine parts that they attach to. NG 1000 is designed to control these deposits as well. NG 1000 is not corrosive or harsh and will not harm your engine. It will burn completely ashless and leave no residue. It also provides upper cylinder lubrication that is desperately needed in many natural gas engines, thus reducing friction and wear on piston rings, cylinders, and valves.

NG 1000

  • Controls Deposit Buildup
  • Retards Formation of Gum, Varnish, and Carbon
  • Provides Upper Cylinder Lubrication
  • Obtains Cleaner - More Complete Combustion - Lower Emissions
  • Cleans Valves and Regulators
  • Increases Valve Life
  • Eliminates Sticking Rings
  • Lower Exhaust Temperatures
  • Increases Engine Performance

  • Application

    A dripper system or injection system will be needed to use this product. We recommend an injection system and that you consult with your local representative about the best system for your application. Different applications will require different systems. Your local representative can help you in designing the best system for your needs.

    Typical Specifications

    Viscosity at 40°C, cSt 13.41
    Flash Point, (ASTM D93) PMCC, C (F) 35 (95)
    Auto Ignite, F NDA
    API Degrees 27.0
    Specific Gravity 0.8927
    Pounds per Gallon 7.434
    Color Blue
    Odor Medicinal