Sprinkler Lube

The Protection You Need For The Results You Want

Sprinkler Lube 220

Formulated specifically for Center Pivot Gearboxes

Description and Benefits

Sprinkler Lube 220 is designed as a maximum protection straight weight gear lubricant for high speed or high torque operating conditions. This 90W gear oil is formulated from the highest quality mineral oil base stock with a natural viscosity minimum index of 95 and is combined with the latest in high technology additives. Sprinkler Lube 220 is a GL5 gearlube containing extreme pressure additives with inhibitors compounded to prevent oxidation and rust problems for longer gear and bearing life. Adhesive additives protect against dry starts and corrosion caused by condensation.

Sprinkler Lube 220 Provides:

  • Excellent Heat Stability
  • Superior Anti-Wear Protection
  • Reduction in Gearbox Temperatures
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Protection Against High Speed Gear Scoring
  • Superior Rust and Wear Protection

  • Sprinkler Lube 220 Is Used For:

  • Manual Transmissions
  • Industrial Gears
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Differentials
  • Worm Gears
  • Final Drives
  • Hypoid Gears
  • Spiral Bevel Gears

  • Sprinkler Lube 220 Meets and Exceeds:

    A.P.I Service Designation GL5 MIL-L-2105D
    Rockwell International 0-76-A, 0-76-B MACK GO-H

    Typical Specifications

    SAE Grade   90
    API Service Designation   GL-5
    ISO Grade   220
    AGMA Grade   5
    API Gravity (ASTM D-287) 27.3
    Relative Density (ASTM D-1298) 0.891
    Density #/gal. (CALC.) 7.4272
    Viscosity at 40° C, cSt. (ASTM D-445) 235.5
    Viscosity at 100° C, cSt. (ASTM D-445) 20.18
    Viscosity at 100° F, SUS. (CALC.) 1240
    Viscosity at 210° F, SUS. (CALC.) 101.3
    Copper Corrosion   1b
    Viscosity Index, Min. (ASTM D-2270) 95
    Flash Point, F (ASTM D-92) 430°
    Pour Point, F (ASTM D-97) -6°
    Four Ball EP Load Wear Index (ASTM D-2783) 61.50
    Four Ball EP Weld Load (ASTM D-2783) 315 kg
    Color   Red